Enclosed Space Entry Seminar

Course Overview

This Enclosed Space Entry Seminar focuses on providing the participants with the knowledge required for developing and implementing practices and procedures essential to safely entering and working within enclosed spaces.

Intended Audience

This seminar is intended for anyone responsible for testing or entering enclosed spaces during construction, repair, or inspection on board ships, in shipyards or in the offshore industry. This may include competent persons, repair foremen, welders, tank cleaners, ship fitters, marine surveyors, grain inspectors, vessel crewmembers.

Learning Objectives

Students receive exposure to enclosed space safety concepts throughout the training. The Seminar utilizes an interactive format with problem solving and group exercises:

·        Case studies that are completed in group exercises enable students to identify problems with enclosed space situations and develop "lessons learned."

·         Hands-on exercises highlight the training as students develop an understanding and familiarity with atmospheric testing devices and complete individual and group performance testing simulations.

·         Instruction and significant hands-on experience in the calibration, maintenance and use of a wide variety of atmospheric testing instruments.

Course Topics

·         Overview of Enclosed space program

·         Enclosed space risk assessment

·         Usage and maintenance of gas detection equipment

·         Usage and maintenance breathing apparatus equipment

·         Usage and maintenance of ventilation equipment

·         Demonstration on Enclosed space equipment

Features and Benefits

STS Marine Academy Enclosed Space entry seminar participants are taught the importance of recognizing hazardous conditions in relation to enclosed space entry and the steps to be taken to correct existing problems. The seminar focuses on providing attendees with the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary to enter and work in enclosed spaces and to be designated as a competent person or other recognized atmospheric tester.

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