Noise at Work Seminar

Course Overview

This Noise at Work Seminar is covering all latest requirements for the levels of noise at work. Noise at work is now considered to be a key aspect of health and safety policy. Reducing risk via noise measurement and noise control is science. More organizations are therefore realizing the value in professionally educating their health and safety personnel to understand this task.


Intended Audience
This seminar is designed for all involved personnel required to address the subject of protection from noise at work.


Learning Objectives

This seminar will cover the physical characteristics of sound and noise, analysis of occupational noise risks, all relevant rules and regulations, how to assess and calculate the noise levels and the best practices including PPE use in dealing with noise.


Course Topics

  • The effects of noise induced deafness
  • How the ear works
  • Units of noise measurement
  • Sound propagation
  • Sound absorption and insulation
  • Noise management programme
  • Noise instrumentation (practical session)
  • Noise assessments
  • Noise measurement procedures
  • Noise control
  • Revision and written examination


Features and Benefits

STS Marine Academy Noise at Work Seminar provides knowledge relating to noise protection in compliance with the latest rules, regulations and directives.